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Robert BK Kelsey

Hello. I'm Robert "BK" Kelsey, owner of

I started working in SEO in 1997, quite a while before the act of optimizing a website was even named. I have been working in web development as well, and develop blogs and sites to enhance my clients web presence.

Robert BK Kelsey's Background

Robert BK Kelsey's Experience

Owner at Ethical SEO Service

July 2005 - Present | Hamden, CT

I handle SEO and Web Development for my clients located around the world. Although I specifically do Search Engine Optimization (SEO) I also develop sites from where they exist when I arrive on the scene, or from scratch. I write for all of my clients as well as out sourcing when needed. SEO today goes beyond on-site code updating and content tweaking. A typical SEO campaign today needs to generate off-site content to improve the overall rank of a website.

Robert BK Kelsey's Interests & Activities

Web development, music, drums, writing, gardening, outdoors, fishing, hiking

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